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AstraZeneca uses a variety of social media channels to connect with people around the world and provide timely updates on our key priorities, our people and our company.


Due to the regulated industry in which we operate, some of our activity on social media is limited. We do not guarantee that we will reply to all comments on our social media posts or direct messages/@mentions received via our social media channels.

If you have experienced an adverse event or think you may be experiencing an adverse event, you should seek advice from a healthcare professional. In order to monitor the safety of AstraZeneca products, we encourage reporting any side effects experienced while taking an AstraZeneca product. Please visit

We respectfully request that you avoid posting comments that include:

  • Medical advice
  • Discriminatory or derogatory comments
  • Politics & religion
  • Profanity, vulgarity, graphic images or personal attacks
  • Off-topic subjects that may be considered spam or advertising
  • Excessively redundant comments or suspected bot engagements
  • Promotion of illegal activity
  • Infringement on copyrights or trademarks
  • Mentions of any medicine produced by AstraZeneca or other pharmaceutical companies
  • Unsupported accusations or material from unverified sources
  • Promotion of services or products

We reserve the right to remove or hide any comments that include such materials, and we may block or remove any user who does not comply with these community guidelines. Please note there may be additional scenarios not outlined above that lead to the removal or hiding of comments or blocking of users.

Engagements performed by AstraZeneca social media channels in relation to other individuals or organisations on social media (follow, share, like, reply) does not equal an endorsement of all activity and views expressed through those accounts.

The views and opinions expressed by users engaging with AstraZeneca social media channels are not a reflection of AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca does not endorse and is not responsible for information and opinions shared by social media users.

Please also see our Privacy Notice and Legal Notice for more information.


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